In the mists of time, long ago in my childhood memories I will always remember my first bear; he was small, white and fluffy with a black nose probably given to me as a second birthday present by a family relative. I called him Boo. He was the last thing I saw at night before going to sleep and the first when I awoke in the morning, keeping me safe through the night. I would drag him around the house by his limbs during the day, feed him, bathe him and take him with me when we left the house. I’m not sure what happened to him in later years but I suspect he went to the loft in the sky along with other outgrown toys.

My next bear was Henry. Henry was a present from a boyfriend who was very keen on showing me his skills of shooting and throwing at our local fairground. It took quite a while on the fairground stalls but he persisted and eventually presented me with this good sized yellow bear with blue paws and pads, not the best looking but cute (the bear not the boyfriend).

This is when I think my real love of bears began because Henry stayed with me at home until I married and then came with us to our new home. It was then my husband, who then had the pleasure of waking up to find a bear between him and his new bride. He eventually got used to it.

As time went on and our first child arrived, Henry’s health deteriorated, he was getting threadbare and had lost an eye, but he was a fighter and held in there.

Then one Christmas, there was a parcel under the tree with a red bow, what could it be?

I couldn’t wait!! Seconds later RiKi appeared from the wrapping (pronounced Ree-Kee) my husband had thought a replacement was needed and had bought him from the local toy shop, it’s hard to believe I know, but there were no dedicated bear shops in those days.

RiKi was dark brown and very hairy with a red necklace very different from Henry’s smooth yellow fur, but I liked him and it was “the thought that counts”. Over the years Riki, now our third child has seen the birth of our daughter, marriage of our son, and recently three lovely grandchildren. Been on numerous family holidays, trade shows and just about everywhere we have been.

This is why I was so excited when looking for a new direction for our nursery shop we discovered Charlie Bears and we were lucky enough to become a stockist. We now have a shop full of exciting new bears of ever shape and size and the pleasure of finding them all a nice home.

They will never replace my special bears with all their memories but who knows one day one may win a special place in my heart. They are many contenders as I am now an avid collector and the house is filling up.

Have you got a special bear ?     Has your bear a story to tell ?

If you would like to share with others, send us your story and maybe we will publish in STORYTHYME


Best Wishes,