Very recently I dillyied and dallied and missed my chance to buy Loki, well this time I dillyied a bit but didn’t dally and , well this is what happened.

There was much ear wiggling and whisker twitching in the hug this morning , they had heard on the bearvine that there was to be a new arrival .

Dick and Liddy held paws and were bouncing up and down, Jane said that she hoped there wasn’t going to be a lot of noise (she’s a very quiet bear) . Linus had a long face as usual and the rest of the hug just couldn’t wait.

Sure enough the postman came to the door with a parcel, all went quiet in the hug , all eyes on the box. I peeled off the sellotape opened the box and carefully pulled back the tissue, and there all snuggled up like a kitten was the most beautiful, the most stunning Lynx I ever did see.

As I lifted him up and smoothed his lovely ears lots of “ooohs” and “aahs” went round the hug. “Cor” exclaimed Jane completely forgetting that she’s supposed to be a lady. “Well hello ” purred Lyra , “is he my uncle?” Squeaked an over excited Savannah. Linus surprisingly was beaming ,a sight rarely seen, “Loki , my dear cousin Loki, it’s about time there was another big cat in this hug” .

All is going to be well, there’s contented purring throughout the hug and I’m a bit like the cat that got the cream myself.

Thank you very much for choosing such a handsome Lynx for me , big bear-hugs to all at Nursery Thyme

from Shirley